Example and Practical activity: Hoods Maps

An interesting example of urban digital crowdsourcing is Hood Maps, a crowdsourced online map where anyone can add labels about certain neighbourhoods about the people who live there, such as hipsters, tourists, rich, normies, suits, and uni areas. This app, developed with the aim to provide real-time “pictures” of the different characteristics of a city, is interesting because anyone can contribute to that without any filter and without registration. Even if it opens up some important ethical questions, the tool shows how easy it is to co-create knowledge around local issues. 

hoods maps

Go to Hood Maps and search for the map of your city (if your city does not have a map search for another city you are familiar with). Explore the map and add some content (either text or colours). 

Last modified: Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 12:38 PM