Reading and videos: Citizenlab, a tool for e-consultation

One of the most used tools for e-participation is CitizenLab. Watch this video to understand the logic and impact of this tool (0:45):

And then, in this other video, hear about the importance of e-consultations for the future of Europe from the words of the CitizenLab Co-Founder Wietse Van Ransbeeck.

But how does this tool work in practice? With the aim to include more Newham residents in the democratic and decision-making process, in 2019 the London Borough of Newham launched a Democracy and Civic Participation Commission, which consulted residents, experts, and community groups on how local democracy could be improved.

Read the case study [1] and see how the CitizenLab tool was used in this experience.


[1] Pastor, S. (2020). Case study: collective urban planning in the London Borough of Newham

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