Practical activity

The Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) by the London School of Economics has analysed at 174 cities across 80 countries, in order to create a ranking of the smartest cities on the planet. In the year 2020, London has taken the first place, followed by New York and Paris. Among the first ten cities, six are in Europe, while New York is the only city from the US and Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong represent Asia. More information here in this article.

The CIMI categorises the level of “smartness” of the cities along 101 indicators across 9 key dimensions: 

  1. human capital
  2. social cohesion
  3. economy 
  4. governance
  5. environment
  6. mobility and transportation
  7. urban planning
  8. international projection
  9. technology.

 Now, reflect and order the above 9 key dimensions according to how important they are for you.

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