[EN] Video Transcript

Hi, this is Necdet Sağlam from Turkey. 

Today I speak on the 2020 Anna Lindh Report. The topic perception of cultural diversity and religious diversity creates one of the most significant issues today, and issues may continue in the future. When the respondents for the perception of ALF report about religious and cultural diversity are questioned, considered, it can be seen that in general respondents have a positive perception about culture and religious diversity. 

Although responders from European and SEM countries have similar responses about culture and religious diversity, the importance for the benefit of society, responders from SEM countries have rather different opinions about cultural and religious diversity being a threat to the stability of society, as 30% of responses. For the statement of culture and religious diversity continues a threat to the stability of society 30% of SEM countries respond to strongly agree. The overall response from both groups of countries appears to acuity tolerance of the culture in most contents. 

However, respondents from SEM countries are less tolerant of their children's education. Most responders from European countries indicate that they would not mind at all having someone from another cultural background as a work colleague or neighbor. 

The perception of cultural and religious diversity is to accept and respect other nation's cultures and religions this means that people need to understand and recognize other similarities and differences. People need to focus on living together with different people who are from other nations. 

Finally, I can say people need to acknowledge to develop and increase their awareness understanding opinion and appropriation of different culture and religion people should behave that each culture religious race and ethnicity make a significant contribution to the world.

 Thank you very much.