[FR] Transcriptions des vidéos

Hello everyone, my name is Fares Braizat, I am the Chairman of NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions – based in Amman Jordan. Also I was the Minister of Youth in Jordan .

I had the honor to work with the Anna Lindh Foundation , on a survey that covered youth in European and SEM countries.

It covered a few countries in Europe and a few countries in the Mena region.

What we discovered is that one of the most important challenges in building effective bridges for cultural communication is the extent to which the core values that form the foundation for communication are passed on to children. 

The ALF survey inquired about a series of values that could be important to respondents when raising their children.

While respondents from Europe valued family solidarity (25%), respect for other cultures (25%), curiosity (22%) and downplayed the importance of religious beliefs and practices (only 4% saw this as the ‘most important’ value), those from the five Arab countries, conversely, valued religious beliefs and practices the most (42%), followed by obedience (21%), and family solidarity (18%). Only 11% saw respect for other cultures as the ‘most important’ value. 

These cultural differences are not hindrances for cultural exchange and multiculturalism. However the ALF data finds that respondents from both European and SEM countries believe that there are several actions that could help migrants and host communities live together in a multicultural environment, and indeed, the action pertaining to education, ‘ensuring that schools are places where children learn to live in diversity’, is perceived to be the most effective way. 

As discussed in the paper, the creation of a youth Mediterranean Socio-cultural Entrepreneurship Forum, as well youth exchange programs focusing on educational and environmental tourism, are examples that could provide socio-cultural benefits while helping to overcome environmental and economic challenges. 

Thank you very much for listening to this short video.