[EN] Introduction to Module 3

We have now completed the first two modules of the course, and in the third one we will explore the interaction between people from different cultures. We explore cross-cultural interactions across the Euro-Mediterranean regions through a multitude of avenues such as social media, Internet chat, and in the neighbourhood and public spheres.
  • In the first unit, we will explore the level of cross-cultural interaction people had during the last twelve months and the relations they have with people from the other shore of the Mediterranean.
  • In the second unit, we will take a look at what effect those cross-cultural encounters have on the respondents’ views of the other.
  • In the third unit, we analyse the Survey’s findings when it comes to cross-cultural interaction barriers, including language problems as one of the most significant.
  • In the final unit, we will look into how to bring societies together through multi-cultural events and intercultural education that fosters social cohesion, including increasing artistic mobility for artists and cultural artworks; and broaden access and participation in inter-cultural projects in public spaces.

Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of this module, after examining scholars’ and practitioners’ analyses substantiated with empirical evidence observed in the Intercultural Trends Survey results in the Euro-Mediterranean region, you will be able to:
  • Understand how people interact from the two shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Recognise how they construct the representation of the “others”.
  • Comprehend the role of the media in this process.
  • Understand the current cross-cultural interaction barriers.
  • Evaluate strategies to bring societies together through multi-cultural events and intercultural education on acceptance of diversity. 

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