[EN] Video Transcript

Hello everyone, My article focuses on three media-related findings.
The survey data reveals that:

1- Online and social media are widely used platforms for the consumption of information in the region, particularly in SEM countries.
2- The data indicates that TV remains a key source of information.
3- Results indicate that the topic of the natural environment and the impact of climate change occupies the top spot in the list of interests.
5- The majority of survey participants agree that:
  • Media training for cross-cultural reporting can be an effective measure in tackling issues such as conflict and radicalization.
  • They support youth participation in political life
  • And also they do support cultural and artistic initiatives
What the article suggests in this regard, are the following:
  • Investing time and effort in utilising TV screens to reach audiences ;
  • Maximizing collaborative production of content that targets a general audience, especially younger generations;
  • I refer to co-production in the form of documentaries, talk shows, or intercultural news editions in cooperation with local, regional, and international TV networks;
  • Similar efforts should be made to target the consumers of print, online, and social media;
  • Organisations aiming at promoting intercultural dialogue through media platforms may also want to incorporate media literacy programs into their strategies.

In Conclusion, and in light of the survey results, I think that:

  • It is of importance to take the lead in adopting initiatives that promote cross-cultural content production for TV, online media, and other communication mediums;
  • Incorporating media literacy programmes and media training for cross-cultural reporting into intercultural dialogue strategies;
  • Policymakers and organisations could take an essential step forward in advancing strategic cross-cultural dialogue efforts which could contribute to confronting misperceptions, stereotypes, and disinformation in the Euro-Med context; 

Last point, I'd like to emphasize, is that Media co-production offers opportunities for advancing cultural exchanges, strengthening mutual understanding, and addressing society’s most pressing challenges. 

Thank you.